Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Los Hervideros de San Jacinto

So I spent the weekend in Leon and Granada because I decided I wanted to leave Managua for some time. I went to see Los Hervideros de San Jacinto in Leon which are basically mud pits that are boiling because they are right below the volcanos Telica and Cerro Negro. It was interesting because you could actually feel the heat under your feet as you approached the mudpits. So my friend from Israel and I got carried away and starting taking all these pictures wherever we saw smoke rising. So the smoke went all the way up to the volcanoes themselves. A little boy approached us asking for money and we said no. Then I asked him:
"So the mudpits go all the way up to the volcanos? Look at all that smoke!"
And he goes:" ahh, no thats actually people burning garbage"

...Talk about killing the moment

Above is a picture of the actual mud pits and the smoke on the volcanos from people burning garbage.
Photographer: Danielle Roper

Food for thought

El Humor politico es un arma...hay que usar responsablemente. Pues, el humorista es alquimista.
Political humour is a weapon to be used responsibly. Well, the humourist is an alchemist---Manuel Guillen(Nicaraguan Cartoonist and producer of T.V program Los Hulosos)

I confess:I don't really know what he meant with the alchemist part but that's all he said so figure it out.

Monday, September 11, 2006

My first film

Practically every comedian and cartoonist that I have interviewed believes that political humour is important because it forces us to laugh at ourselves particularly in times of hardship. When I arrived in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the streets were lined with soldiers. Unlike the other tourists in the bus, I didn't stop to take pictures of them. Instead I called Romina and her mother to pick me up. Our conversation went a little like this:
Romina and Rosalina: Welcome to Honduras, We're a bit surprised that you decided to come at this time.
Me: Yeah, thanks. Whats up with the soldiers?
--"We're having some strikes right now--the teachers want more money so they've been blocking roads and know how it goes.
Me: Yeah, well its okay.
---"Thank God you came by bus...At least you didn't fly into Tegucigalpa"
Me: Why?
---"Well because our runway is too short."

I will say no more at this point and let you hear the story for yourself. Below is a link to a video I have made of my conversation with Romina and her mother about the airport in Tegucigalpa. This is my very first film and I took the time out to make it with subtitles for those of you who don't speak spanish. I'm not a film major so the editing isn't that great but I did what I could. Check out the link to the film below: Enjoy!

©Danielle Roper