Friday, July 09, 2010

Quote of the week: The Virginity Question

Everyone at my school speaks English. My friend Alexandra from Liechtenstein is always practicing her English with me. We have class at school everyday but we all take a break at the same time and hang out on the patio of the school. In out most recent conversation, I asked her what her sign was. She didn't understand at first. Then I asked her when her birthday was and she told me it was in late August.

So I said, "Oh thats great, then you're a virgo. I'm a virgo too".

She replied, "WHAT? What's a virgo?"

I said, "You know Virgo the virgin!"

Then she said, emphatically, really loudly with all the professors and the administrator standing nearby: "NO I AM NOT VIRGIN! I AM NOTTTT VIRGIN!"

There was dead silence on the patio as everyone looked on in confusion. I said to the Administrator: "Ahh, virgo. She means virgo! Alexandra, at no point was I calling your virginity into question."

To which Alexandra replied: "Oh! But you know, sometimes I wish I was."

Quote of the week: "NO I AM NOT VIRGIN! I AM NOT VIRGIN!"

Alexandra has decided to put that on t-shirts for sale when the program is over.

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